Childrens Beeswax Lunch wraps

Three sizes to choose from:   Large 30x30cms $8       X large 35cms x35cms $10        XX large 40x40cms $12

Many designs to choose from including Starwars,Avengers,Frozen,Hello Kitty,Wonder woman,Ford cars,Water melons etc. Contact me for something specific,more designs updated often.

Above is a picture of what the average Kiwi child produces in rubbish each week for just school lunches.

Transform your child's lunch box with a reuseable Beeswax lunch wraps.

So much better and healthier than Glad wrap or plastic bags for keeping sandwiches fresh.

Use a reusable Kai carrier for Yogurt ,and a BPA free plastic reuseable container for snacks etc..

With using these reuseable items each day,your weekly rubbish will be minimal.